Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free Christian Dating for Lively Christians

As a devout Christian, my faith is important to me, even more so as I am ready to settle down, marry and raise a family. Sadly for me, I live in a small town and somehow needed to widen my social circle to meet other single Christians. I asked the advice of my Pastor and he suggested ChristianMingle which is a free Christian dating site his granddaughter uses, and met her husband on. I was apprehensive about using an internet site to find love, but Pastor reassured me that he had heard very good things about the site, and.. it was free after all so I had nothing to lose!

I honestly couldn't afford to join a paid dating site so the idea of Christian dating for free was a really good one.. but I had a lot of questions. Were the members really Christian? How safe was this? Could I really connect with someone over the internet? Was it safe to meet up in person?

I prayed for guidance and took a leap of faith.. and joined ChristianMingle ! I was encouraged as I began to flesh out my profile on the free Christian dating site. There were fields to fill in, in detail, beyond the usual name, age and interests, fields that encouraged me to self-examine and helped me decide what qualities I was truly seeking. Of course a love of Jesus was essential.. I hope to raise a family someday, so that also came up. As I opened up to the internet about my hopes and dreams I began a journey of self discovery!

One friend was less than encouraging when she found out I had joined a free Christian dating site, and said that I would likely have to pay a lot for hidden extras. Well, I was pleased to tell her that no, ChristianMingle really is Christian dating for free, with no underhanded tactics. She was still concerned for my safety though and so I showed her the site and my profile on it. By this time I had begun corresponding with other members via messages. She asked the same questions I had initially.. are they really Christian.. is it safe..? Yes! I was able to speak truly from my heart and tell her my experiences. The members I was speaking with demonstrated they were truly Christian with their words and respectful attitudes. As for safety, there were encouraging testimonials on the site that we both read. She joined too, and so the fact we could then double date made us both feel even safer about meeting men!
We recently began double dating two charming best friends and although it is early days I am hopeful that this will develop into a lasting relationship, Jeff is a wonderful man. My Pastor has met him and welcomed him to our church and I have visited Jeff's church also.

It's so amazing to think a free Christian dating site could work this well.. we connect on so many great things, and yes.. even us Christians know how to have fun! This really is a great way for  modern, internet savvy Christians to meet each other and connect, especially if you come from a small church or small town. The virtual world is like a door to a wider Christian community and Christian dating for free is totally fine with God, as it is not monetizing love.. so.. if you are lonely, take the plunge like I did, you surely won't regret it!